Nothing fancy to see here, just testing some cross posting fixes for my Drafts action. 🤞🏼

Trying to figure out the best way to introduce changes so that it is backwards compatible, but without making the code a nightmare to maintain, is always a fun part about software development.

I am so grateful and blessed that I have this amazing woman in my life. Through all of the ups and downs of loosing our first born and the emotional struggles of welcoming our second, she is the strongest woman, mother, and wife that I know. As much as I know that she would like to change her name after hearing mommy repeated for the 100th time, she never falters. She brings so much joy into our lives. Happy Mother’s Day my love, we love you so much and are thankful for you every day.

Mother, lying in hospital bed, kissing newborn baby, right after birth.

Mother, looking at the camera and smiling while holding a sleeping new born baby in the hospital.

Mother and daughter smiling at the camera while sitting in an exhibit room simulating a boat ride to Jurassic World.

I’m waiting for my daughter to ask me to start her a YouTube channel. She’s starting to ask me to record her doing funny things that she sees on a fun channel that she currently watches. Not sure that I’m ready for that. 😳 😂

The Super Mario Bros. movie was super fun. I loved the soundtrack.

It’s-a Mario time.

Little girl standing in front of three big Super Mario movie posters.

The Pixelmator Photo app has been rebranded to Photomator. I like the new UI changes in this update. It’s still familiar, but fresh at the same time. The addition of masks, for selective edits, is amazing. This is one feature that I was wishing for. Looking forward to video editing being added as well.

Pure joy during the Easter egg hunt today. 😍

Little girl laughing while running through a park carrying an Easter basket hunting for eggs.


Pair of glasses sitting forgotten on a bench.

I am a bit jealous that iOS doesn’t have a fun little mascot, like Android.

Photo of two little Android characters standing on a desk.

Morning commute.

Little girl standing on brick platform waiting on a train that is arriving.

Picture of a train riding on the tracks taken through window of another train running parallel.

Scooters sitting on a sidewalk with shadows from the morning sun stretching across the ground.

Beautiful morning at the office.

Black and white photo of city skyline with a tree in the foreground.

Black and white photo of an office building tower, with unique curved architecture, on the left side.

Black and white photo of a tall office building, with unique curved architecture, behind a shorter office building, with similar curved architecture.

I’ve been going down a themes rabbit hole in Drafts. So many good ones to choose from. So far I’ve narrowed it down to two that I like that have both a light and dark variation.

Posting to with Drafts

There are a few Drafts actions that allow you to post to, but none of them did everything that I wanted in one place. That led me to create the Post/Update to action. This action will allow you to do a lot for a post, directly in Drafts. Features Blog Selection If you have multiple domains configured for your account, such as a main domain and the provided test domain from Micro.

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Took me a bit longer than I thought that it would, but finally got my Drafts action working how I want it to at the moment. Need to clean up the scripts a little bit, but planning to post it publicly this weekend.

Just another test post. 🤞🏼

Testing out cross posting from my Drafts action.

How is it, that my five year old daughter can pronounce Parasaurolophus better than I can?

Playing around with some macro photography. Need to work on keeping my hands steady.

Close up photo of a rose.

Close up photo of a ranunculus flower.

Another close up photo of a ranunculus flower.

Fun playing after the rain today.

Reflection in puddle on the sidewalk of little girl walking away.

Reflection of little girl standing with an umbrella in a puddle on a sidewalk.

Little girl, holding an umbrella, and jumping in the air over a puddle on the sidewalk.

Umbrella laying open on a sidewalk with reflection in a puddle next to it.