There are a few Drafts actions that allow you to post to, but none of them did everything that I wanted in one place. That led me to create the Post/Update to action. This action will allow you to do a lot for a post, directly in Drafts.


Blog Selection

If you have multiple domains configured for your account, such as a main domain and the provided test domain from, then you will be able to select which one that you would like to post to.

Post Status

You can select if you would like the post to be a draft or published. The action allows you to update a post, so if you post as a draft then you can update it later, directly in Drafts, to publish it.


If you would like your post to have a title just add # to the beginning of the first line and that will become the title for the post.

Cross Posting

Inspired by @manton’s recent addition to allow custom cross posting selection for each post, you can also select which services that you would like to cross post to with this action.

Category Selection

If you have configured any categories, for the selected domain, then you can select those to be added to the post.

Updating A Post

Once the post is uploaded then there are three custom tags that will be added to the draft. These tags will be used for another cool feature, which is to be able to update your post, directly from Drafts.

  1. The post status, to easily keep track if it is a draft or published.
  2. The domain that the post was uploaded to.
  3. The url slug of the post.

When triggering the action again for the post, the domain and post tags will be used to retrieve any existing categories for the post. You can then update the categories if needed. If you had originally posted as a draft, then you will have the option to change this and publish the post.

Handling Images

If you would like to add images there is a separate action to handle those. This action requires an accompanying shortcut. The shortcut, like the action for posting, will prompt for which blog that you would like to upload the image to. After selecting the photo it will also prompt for alt text to add to the image. After this is done then it will return to Drafts and paste the link to the image in the post.