Egg on my face for not checking system requirements before updating. Got approval to update to Sonoma on my work laptop, but we are still stuck using Xcode 14.3, which isn’t supported. Now I get to downgrade. Every app that I use on a daily basis works on Sonoma, except for the one that I need to do my job. 🤦🏼‍♂️

If all they do is bring back the 30 pin connector for the iPhone 15, then I’ll call that a win. 😁

Stage set up for the Invictus game opening ceremony.

Getting ready for the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games. 🇺🇸🇩🇪

No matter how tired I am, I can never sleep the night before a trip.

It’s gonna be a long day. I forgot my wedding ring on the sink, and now I feel lost and disconnected. I will probably rub my finger raw trying to find it and panic multiple times, thinking that I’ve lost it.

Today was a bit emotional. Actually this entire week. Our daughter started school this week and it is hitting harder than I thought that it would. She is super excited and is having fun. I’m a nervous wreck. This morning, after one day of school, she told us that we didn’t need to take her inside anymore. She was big enough to do it alone. I love her bravery and determination to be independent, and am so proud of her. But as a dad I’m not ready. 🥺

Rainy day this afternoon.

Black and white photo of water drops in the rain on a train platform with passengers in the background waiting on their train.

Triggering content warning. 😬

I know a lot of people don’t like wearing socks with sandals. Admittedly I’m one of those. It does feel weird. But I have an argument that it actually makes sense, so hear me out. If we don’t wear socks with sandals then how can other people enjoy all of the amazing sock designs out there. 😁

Picture of feet wearing black socks with neon pink on the toes and covered with baby Yoda designs.

Loving our GraphQL team right now. Just found out that I can refactor part of our app state and remove some complexity, by merging two network requests into one. 😃

It’s amazing what a week off will do. I was having some issues implementing withCheckedContinuation() and handling cancellations. Read through a forum post one more time this morning and the problem was immediately obvious. I wasn’t calling resume on the continuation when it was canceled and this led to the continuation being leaked.

Today must be a good day. I remembered the password for my work computer on the first try after a week vacation.

Now that that refactor is out of the way, I can focus on the main changes for the Drafts action.

The positive side about having my changes overwritten is that it revealed a bug I had overlooked when I was adding everything back.

Forgot that I was editing an action in Drafts on my iPad and made a lot of changes on the Mac. When I opened Drafts on the iPad it overwrote all of the changes that I had made on the Mac. Yay for getting to redo everything. 😔

My plans to tinker on an app idea last week didn’t go as planned. I ended up spending the week getting sucked into a JavaScript rabbit hole to try and clean up a Drafts Action that I created. While it wasn’t what I had started out the week wanting to do, I’m glad that it went this way. I’m happy with how the Action is looking now and will make it easier to maintain going forward.

Since we have the week off, I want to try and do some digital cleanup and adjust some workflows. Also want to try and continue with a little side project app that I started and never finished. I’m sure there will also be some house cleaning and organizing in there as well.

I know better than to check email when I wake up at 4 in the morning. Especially when it’s work related. Now can’t go back to sleep because I’m frustrated and can’t do anything to resolve the issue until everyone gets into the office.

Missed the iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS announcements in the WWDC keynote. Will have to recap those before the State of the Union.


Prepping all of my devices for loading the betas today. 😬


Took me a little longer than I intended, but I finally pushed out some updates to my Drafts action for posting to

  • Fixed a but with the authentication toke, where it was possible to include an empty space at the beginning or end. This would cause it to fail. Stripped out these spaces to avoid this issue.
  • Fixed an issue with cross posting. If you unchecked all options, it would cross post everywhere. Sorry about that. Now it should allow you to properly cross post how you choose.
  • New feature, Scheduled Posts. You can now schedule a post directly from Drafts. When creating the post just set the date and time that you would like the post to publish. At the moment you cannot change the scheduled date in Drafts, you will need to update that on the website for now.