I’m having some fun working on this Drafts action for Micro.blog. I’m horrible with JavaScript, but I’m fumbling my way through it and feel like it’s coming along nicely.

I’ve still got some ideas for it, but wanted share a little bit, to give myself a push, so that I don’t keep it hidden forever.

I wanted to have one spot to post to my primary or test blog, so I added a prompt that will let you choose which blog that you want to post to.

Screenshot of a Drafts action prompt with blog selection.

The current options will let you choose if you want to publish directly or post a draft. You will also be able to select categories.

Screenshot of a Drafts action prompt with a selection for post status and category selection.

I still have a few more ideas:

  • Allowing editing of posted posts
  • Cross posting selection

Looking forward to getting these first features tested and wrapped up so that I can share it in the Drafts directory.