I was inspired to give this writing challenge a try after reading this post by Maique Madeira and comes from this challenge.

I always seem to fail at these types of challenges because of the pressure to finish without missing any days. With this challenge, it is more about just writing and posting at least 100 times in a year, instead of 100 consecutive days. It’s kind of late in the year already, but still enough time left to get close enough.

The one thing that I’m not sure about so far is how to tag these posts. I could tag every post that I make, as long as they are on separate days, or I could be specific about the types of posts. We’ll see what happens there, it may change a few times as I go along. The main thing is to make myself write.

So, I guess this is my obligatory first post for this challenge. I’m kind of a little excited to see how this turns out and if I truly have been inspired to write more.

Day 1 of 100 for my #100daystooffload